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Business Start Up

The essentials of starting a new business are always based on a realistic business plan, and adequate finance. Most new business owners have the solid business proposition and plenty of entrepreneurial spirit. We help look after the legal and financial aspects.


With our combined years of experience, we can provide extensive direction and advice, to make sure the process runs as smoothly and simply as possible.


Whatever the size of your new business, we can advise on:


  • The form of the business (sole trader, partnership, LLP, limited company)
  • Company formation
  • Preparing projections, cash flow and business plan
  • Arranging finance
  • Book-keeping tuition and implementing management procedures and systems
  • Tax planning


It’s not worth the risk of getting caught out by unexpected problems. Come and talk to us from the start, and present your business proposals. Then we can evaluate them in a constructive and realistic manner, and help make sure you get the best possible start.


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